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Guest Contributions

Dear Readers:

The purpose of guest contributions is to offer you different views on events from those presented to you by presstitutes and governments pursuing secret agendas. For example, when I post speeches by Vladimir Putin, I am letting the Russian President speak for himself in place of being spoken for by presstitutes determined to demonize him.

I do not post guest contributions as endorsements. I do not necessarily agree with everything in guest contributions. It is possible for people to have many details wrong and still arrive at a plausible or correct conclusion. For example, it is my opinion that Professor Jim Fetzer is correct that the official 9/11 story is false and the three WTC buildings did not come down due to airplanes and fire. However, I do not believe that the evidence produced by scientists supports his view that the buildings were destroyed by directed energy weapons or mini-nukes.

The main reason for guest contributions is to offer readers different views on subjects that I do not have time to research or write about.

Most of the guest contributions that I post are re-posts from, or links to, other sites of work by known commentators. I do not have the resouces to fact check columns submitted by readers.

The only items on the website that I endorse are my own writings. Sometimes I do not have 100% confidence in my own articles, but sufficient confidence to offer my views. Sometime I make mistakes. For example, I might have made one recently when I reported Marco Rubio’s views on the rich and the poor. I relied on subscripts on a muted Fox “News” broadcast, and the subscripts might have been a bit of misleading shorthand.

However, I try not to make any major mistake. Almost the only mistakes readers point out to me are typos and spelling mistakes. When I am convinced that I have made a major mistake I will acknowledge it. I do not have an agenda seperate from the truth. I am alarmed at the erosion of the US Constitution, which means the erosion of liberty and our safety, and I am alarmed at the orchestrated reasons manufactured in order to deceive the public and American allies into wars.

I think that it is extraordinary that the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell can publicly state that he was misled and misused by the George W. Bush regime into giving false evidence to the UN of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction without anyone in the Bush regime being held accountable for a massive war crime that destroyed a country and killed and displaced millions of its people. This is as large of a war crime as any Adolf Hitler committed. Surviving Nazis were hung for Hitler’s crimes. Yet, there has been no accountability for the crimes of the George W. Bush regime or for the Obama regime’s crimes in Libya and Syria or for the Obama regime’s coups in Ukraine and Honduras.

I never cease to be amazed at the repeated gullibility of the American people who swallow one government lie on top of another despite learning that the former lie was a lie.

Throughout history truth has been unwelcome. People have to fight to establish truth. Usually it is a thankless job and one that does not always succeed.

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