Fear On Demand

Fear on Demand

Guest Column by Stephen Lendman

The San Bernardino Shootings Were A Black Op US Government Operation

Three separate eyewitnesses saw three tall male caucasians carry out the executions.
Syed Rizwan and Tashfeen Malik were chosen to be the patsies and murdered so that they could not contradict the concocted accusation against them.

As long as insoucient, gullible Americans accept such implausible oficial stories as 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the San Bernardino shootings, the American public will continue to be complicit in official US black op murders of innocent people.

Read Lendman’s report:


When Americans fell for the obviously false official 9/11 story, the black op inhumans realized that they can get away with anything. These murderers are enabled by the witless American public. Expect more such operations. They are all a part of Fear On Demand.

Read 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out: http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=d03bf3ffcac549c7dc7888ef5&id=7ab6168d2a&e=[UNIQID]

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