Putin’s Next Move

Putin’s Next Move

Now that Russia has taught the dumbshits in Washington that Russia will no longer tolerate their aggression against Syria, it is time for the next step. Russia should withdraw all assets that it foolishly has abroad that are subject to US confiscation or freezing. Then Russia should cease servicing all debts to countries that are part of the US sanctions against Russia.

Perhaps before Russia can do this Putin needs to clear out the traitors who run the Russian central bank and serve the interests of foreign capital at the expense of Russia’s interest. Sergei Glazyev knows what needs to be done. Putin should listen to his advisor and not to the neoliberal Russian economists who comprise Washington’s main weapon against the Russian government.

Unless Russians are willing to become American vassals, they must overcome their irrational emotional need to be part of the West and cease dealing with the West with half-measures. It is Russia that is the superpower, not the bankrupt and collapsing American empire.

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