Criminal Acts of Presidents and Prime Ministers are Wiped Clean with Each Election by Jason Liosatos

Criminal Acts of Presidents and Prime Ministers are Wiped Clean with Each Election

by Jason Liosatos

Every time a presidency, prime ministership or government in the West changes hands, it seems as though all of the previous acts of murder and corruption are wiped clean. 

Amnesia prevails, and there is a forgetting of the previous criminal activities and crimes against humanity. The change in leadership has the effect of sweeping under the rug the war crimes, lies, deceptions, and other illegal and immoral acts of the previous regime, whose members depart in good standing as if they are innocent of any crimes. We even have the temerity of former UK prime minister Tony Blair, who enabled the destruction of Iraq, being appointed Middle East Peace Envoy.

Tony Blair, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton have walked away, and now David Cameron, Obama, Merkel and Hollande are walking away from mass murders and unspeakable damage to people, cultures and the planet without a trial or any accountability.

In contrast, Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi were murdered without a trial on the basis of propagandistic assertions. This must change, and the Western criminals must be held accountable for their outrageous crimes.

Ratklo Mladic the Bosnian Serb army chief was thrown in prison for defending his country from dissolution and military attack. But Western politicians, who polluted the Middle East with depleted uranium, creating birth defects, cancers and infertility there for many years to come, while murdering one million people and destroying a country, have never had to answer for a single death.

At each election Western voters seem to undergo amnesia about the criminal acts carried out by their last government, while they wave their flags and wave away their rights and the morality of their countries.

General Wesley Clark warned us about the pre-planned devastation and take over of The Middle East in a famous video and there are others contributing to our understanding such as Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente, guests on my show.

Clearly Western leaders are not psychologically balanced and sane enough to be trusted with decisions that affect all of humanity. Perhaps there is a growing global awareness and recognition of this fact. It is impossible to see a promising future for humanity in the unilateral actions of the Washington psychopaths.

We see confirmation of the grave dangers we face at the hands of Western political leaders by observing their daily actions in the Middle East and surrounding area, and in the chaos that is ensuing from the consequences of their actions, such as the refugees from the West’s illegal wars that are now overflowing Europe.

The West is finished unless the peoples can fight free of their Matrix-like existance and hold the criminals who rule them accountable

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