America, Home of the Inhumanes

America, Home of the Inhumanes

Guest Column by Philip Giraldi

In the spring of 2008, the pro-war Washington Post published a color photo of a dead two-year old child whose body was recovered from the ruins of a home destroyed by an American missile bringing “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. Several days afterward the Washington Post published a letter from a monster masquerading as Valerie Murphy of Dunn Loring Virginia. Her letter objected to the publication of the photo on the grounds that it would undermine war patriotism and “stir up opposition to the war and feed anti-US sentiment.”

Dehumanization from six presidential terms of slaughtering and displacing millions of peoples have turned even some American women into heartless monsters.

Philip Giraldi describes the Monster State that the US has become. Read it and think about it.
Where were we citizens? Why did we let it happen?

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