Congress Should Protect Itself From The Executive Branch — Paul Craig Roberts

Congress Should Protect Itself From The Executive Branch

Paul Craig Roberts

Gary Hart was a good senator, an independent person. Consequently, he was eliminated with a sexual scandal. The woman was a ten, and the powers that be got rid of Hart. Better to go that way than with an airplane crash or a frame-up that leads to prison like happened to US Rep. George Hanson and others including Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means.

Rostenkowski was eliminated by the despicable Eric Holder, a US attorney at the time who rose to become Obama’s Attorney General, proving the point that in the US government only the totally corrupt succeed. Holder’s false conviction of Rostenkowski was overturned with a pardon by President Bill Clinton. Even former Republican President Gerald Ford regarded Rostenkowski’s conviction as a fraud.

US. Representative James Traficant was another victim of fraudulent proecution. Traficant defended a constituent, John Demjanjuk, who was falsely accused of being a former Nazi concentration camp guard, “Ivan the Terrible.” Traficant’s interference with the arrogant Israeli-serving State Department, many believe, led to him being falsely prosecuted and incarcerated.

These prosecutions show that members of Congress are negligent in protecting themselves. As it stands, any member of Congress who gets in the way of any wrong-doing by any executive branch department or agency can be framed and removed from office. It is idiotic of Congress to accept these terms. Congress should vote themselves some form of immunity, and should establish a Congressional Joint Committee that meticulously investigates any and every charge brought against a member of Congress by the Executive Branch, which is the most corrupt branch of the US government and the branch with the least integrity, even less integrity than the Supreme Court. The Joint Committee should have the power to indict any member of the executive branch who brings false charges against a member of Congress, and the sentence for false charges should be death. Then, if so inclined, members of Congress could more safely stand up for the people whom they are supposed to represent. Today they cannot without being destroyed.

Former Senator Hart describes, accurately, America’s present state:

“To begin with, the founders created a republic, and all of the founding debate in the late 18th century used the language of the republic from ancient Athens and Greece. And one of the key qualities of the republic was resistance to corruption. Now, they did not define corruption as bribery. They defined corruption as placing special or personal interests ahead of the common good — or today what we would call national interest. And when you apply that standard to politics in America today, we are a massively corrupt republic.”

The corrupt Republican Supreme Court has given a pass to this corruption, having ruled that it is an exercise of free speech for corporations to purchase the US government with campaign donations.

Today, no branch of the US government is respected. The executive branch is recognized as a power-crazed police state operation hell-bent on war. The Supreme Court is understood as agents for the One Percent. Congress refuses to defend the people, because any member who does will be framed and prosecuted.

Congress should use its power to make laws to change the situation. Otherwise,
Congress should resign and leave Washington as it cannot make a difference.

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