Privately Owned Greek Media Line Up With The One Percent Against The Greek People

The latest report from Greece indicates that the privately owned Greek media have taken a stand against the Greek people and for the One Percent:

Yesterday’s demonstration in favor of ‘No’ in Syntagma Square of Athens had gigantic proportions and great fighting spirit.

Instead, the rally of supporters of ‘Yes’ was enormously  smaller without breath and passion.

Of course, with the exception of state television, all TV channels mainly or exclusively showed the second (Yes), saying that it is a big demonstration,  exhausting every possibility  to conceal and distort  reality.

A climate of hysteria and terror has been cultivated by  all private media (the public ones consist an exception) , which present the  ‘No’ vote as an emerging Armageddon. The same media produce a permanent stream of lies and distorted or even more nonexisted  statements that nobody in reality manages to confirm or deny.

Former prime ministers, senior military officers not on duty, the archbishop of the Greek Church, have come out in favor of  ‘Yes’, saying  the ‘No’ vote threatens Greece’s position in Europe and the national security of the country.

The political discourse of SYRIZA remains at a level far beyond what is required by the situation and its practical mobilization is very weak. But there is a deep popular wave of peaceful revolt against the Mighty which is struggling against the fear and insecurity current.

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