The Empire Was Temporarily Defeated In Macedonia

The Empire Was Temporarily Defeated In Macedonia

Global Research has made available an English translation of Andrew Korybko’s interview with the Macedonian NetPress. Washington’s color revolution for Macedonia has failed for now. Korybko describes how Washington-funded NGOs are used as Fifth Columns to destabilize and to overthrow governments in order to bring countries under Washington’s control. Korybko also explains that Washington’s activity in the Balkans is directed at preventing the Russian natural gas pipeline that would supply Europe with energy. Washington is determined to prevent economic relationships between Europe and Russia that could result in a lessening of Washington’s hold on Europe. With Albania and Bulgaria already in Washington’s pocket, with Washington operative Zoran Zaev creating problems for Macedonia, and with Greece itself possibly vulnerable to a color revolution, Macedonia can expect to experience continuous destabilization attempts by Washington.

It is testimony to Washington’s control over Europe that European politicians support
Washington’s intent to deprive Europe of an energy source even when there is no available alternative. To please Washington, Europeans will even shoot themselves in the head.

Here is the interview: Most Americans are uninterested in Macedonia. Nevertheless, Americans should find of interest this depiction of Washington’s subversion of other countries, always, of course, hidden behind the cloak of “bringing freedom and democracy.”

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