Be resolute — PCR

Dear Friends,

I appreciate the large number of birthday wishes. I know I mentioned in a recent column that I was
coming up to a big one, but I don’t know how you found out the exact date. Perhaps Who’s Who In America or Who’s Who In The World or Wikipedia.

I thank all of you for your well wishes and for your awareness that the greatest achievement of man is the US Constitution that requires government to be accountable to the morality given to us by the Christian religion and by the centuries long secular struggle for accountable government in Britain. Liberty is a human achievement, and we must defend this achievement at all costs. It took a thousand years to gain it.

Governments are disposable. They come and go. Essentially, governments consist of a concentrated failure of humans to behave morally. How many moral governments are there in history?

Without the accountability of government to law, voting is meaningless. As government in America is no longer accountable to law, the two political parties are meaningless, as is law. Americans are ruled by violence, and violence is the way Washington intends to rule the world.

The 21st century has seen government in America re-created independently of law. Today the US Government is based on Lenin’s dictum that rule rests on violence unrestricted by any moral or ethical considerations.

The fight is on. Will the despotic scum in Washington that intends to reduce us to obedient slaves succeed, or can and will we resist the worst assault on human liberty in history?

The worst evil that the world has ever known is in Washington, D.C.

Civilian libertarian attorney John Whitehead says that only militant, 24/7 wide-spread non-violent resistance can save liberty and freedom from the dystopia that Washington has created in order that a handful of mega-billionaires can enjoy lording over the planet.

The enormous greed, the enormous lies, the enormous grasping, the enormous wars and inhumanity that the West represents are death blows to moral life on earth. In the 21st century Washington has destroyed several countries and millions of people, justified by Washington’s claim that Washington represents the “exceptional, indispensable country” and the rest of the world is unexceptional and dispensable.

The West has become Sauron.

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