Washington’s Police State Turns the Screws on Journalists

Washington’s Police State Turns the Screws on Journalists

Journalist Barrett Brown has been framed on false charges by the US Department of Justice (sic) with the complicity of a federal judge and sentenced to 63 months in prison. You can read his account of his frame-up below, and read it you should. As Lawrence Stratton and I wrote in our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, first published 15 years ago, law no longer serves as a shield of the American people.

Law is a weapon in the hands of the government for use against the American people.
Integrity is no longer a feature of federal prosecutions. They are nothing but frame-up operations. The Barrett Brown case proves that despite all facts, the government can convict whomever it wants of whatever it wants. This power is now being used to shut down independent journalism. It is more conclusive evidence that those who “have nothing to hide” have much to fear.


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