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Suspicions are growing that the French shootings are a false flag operation

Suspicions are growing that the French shootings are a false flag operation

I do not know these sites or their credibility. I do know the mainstream media, and it has no credibility.

http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/01/10/new-twist-charlie-hebdo-lead-investigator-turns-up-dead-suicided/ [1]

http://sgtreport.com/2015/01/paris-siege-false-flag-analyzing-the-cop-shooting-footag [2]

http://zeeklytv.com/video/13910/SLOW-MOTION-FAKE-PARIS-SHOOTING-MISS-7-1-15-FRENCH-SATIRE-YT-banned-with-120000-views [3]

Considering the number of real journalists on war fronts, not cartoonists in Paris, killed by Washington funded and organized ISIS, including filmed beheadings, the uproar over the cartoonists’ deaths has the appearance of orchestration. Whether or not it is a false flag operation, the shootings are being used for a wider purpose or purposes.

Among these purposes is bringing France back into Washington’s orbit. The French president had recently said that the sanctions against Russia should be terminated.
Hollande was allying himself with French economic interests instead of with Washington’s hegemonic foreign policy.

Another purpose is to stifle the growing European sympathy for the Palestinians and to realign Europe with Israel.

Another purpose is to counter the rising opposition in Europe to more Middle Eastern wars. The American neoconservatives have not completed their agenda. Syria, Iran,
Hezbollah, and Saudi Arabia are still standing.

And there can be other purposes not apparent to me.

My recommendation is that you not believe the print and TV media, but think. The failure of Americans to think is why they are 13 years into war and live in a police state.

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