The Leninist in the White House — Paul Craig Roberts

The Leninist in the White House

Paul Craig Roberts

According to Lenin, the Soviet government rested “directly on force, not limited by anything, not restricted by any laws, nor any absolute rules.” (V.I. Lenin, “A Contribution to the History of the Question of the Dictatorship,” October 20, 1920, in Collected Works, 4th Russian edition, p. 326.)

In the 21st century the US government has echoed Lenin. No laws, domestic or international, restrain the US from torture. Laws do not prevent the US from attacking sovereign countries or from conducting military operations within the borders of sovereign countries. Constitutional protections and due process do not prevent the US from detaining citizens indefinitely or from murdering them on suspicion or accusation alone.

The latest manifestation of Washington’s Leninism is Washington’s announcement that the US government has no plans to coordinate US attacks on ISIS on Syrian territory with the Syrian government. Washington recognizes no limitations on its use of force, and the sovereignty of countries provides no inhibition.

In Washington coercion has supplanted the rule of law.

Syria has every right to be nervous. The reason ISIS is operating on Syrian territory is that Washington armed them and sent them to Syria. Washington’s air strikes on ISIS could very well be cover for air strikes on Syrian armed forces.

Here we see the complete failure of the Obama regime. As in Libya, the Obama regime set jihadists lose on Syria, pretending that they were fighting for democracy against a dictator. But Washington lost control over its monster which has gobbled up large parts of Syria and Iraq and is forming them into a new country hostile both to the West and to the Muslim vassals of the West.

Simultaneously, the US is threatening Russia with war. And everywhere hostility is rising against Washington. Without diplomacy Washington only has coercion. Does Washington have enough coercion to subdue the world?

The government of Washington’s ally, Israel, has also endorsed Leninism and is using the same principle of boundless coercion against the Palestinians.

Of all the governments in the world, only Washington and Zionist Israel have declared themselves to be unaccountable and above law. They are models not of democracy but of tyranny.

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