Tiananmen Square Guest Column by Wei Ling Chua and limited time offer of free book on what really happened

Tiananmen Square Guest Column by Wei Ling Chua and limited time offer of free book on what really happened

Dear Friends, On the 25 anniversary of Tiananmen Square I posted a guest column by Brian Becker who pointed out that no massacre occurred in China’s Tiananmen Square.

A few US journalists who reported a massacre later retracted the claim, including the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof. Looking at the evidence 15 years after the alleged massacre, Robert Marquand wrote in the Christian Science Monitor that “There was no massacre of students on the Square.”

Among the responses to the article is an offer by a journalist to make available to you free of charge for this month of June an online copy of his book. I have not read the book, and I do not know the journalist. However, in my experience the only people who swim against the stream are people who are fighting for the truth. Swimming against the stream is not the way to further one’s career.

I am not an expert on Tiananmen Square. I did speak to high government officials and to graduate students in Beijing in 2006, and they said that there was no massacre. There was some violence off the square where police were attacked with Molotov cocktails as were the unarmed police in Kiev.

In case you might think that such a story as the Tiananmen Square Massacre could not be concocted, keep in mind that the US government repeatedly told the US public that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, that the US government sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to lie to the UN about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and that Powell has publicly expressed his shame at allowing himself to be used in such a sordid way, and that the print and TV media echoed endlessly the Bush regime’s lies. The New York Times allowed Judith Miller to drive the momentum toward war with her false reports.

Remember, too, the government’s and media’s lies about Iranian Nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, the lies about Gaddafi, and the ongoing lies about events in Ukraine. The massacres of civilians in eastern and southern Ukraine by the Kiev government that are occurring as I write are real, and there is no protest from Washington or from European capitals.

The transition from communism to capitalism in China and the move to more open government left China in a vulnerable position. I suspect that Washington tried to take advantage of the opportunity to embarrass the government and possibly even to overthrow it. Washington’s successful coup in Ukraine is the model. The students in Tiananmen Square were the PR part of the plan, but there were armed elements, as in Ukraine, whose purpose was to introduce violence. Only the Chinese did not fall for it. The government dispersed the students peacefully but put down the armed components elsewhere in the city with force.

I leave it to you to inform yourself and to make up your own mind. You might find Wei Ling Chua’s book helpful in that regard. His article containing his free book offer follows:

Tiananmen Truth: free book to counter media disinformation (limited time only, please spread the message)

The annual Global Attitude Survey (2002 – 2013) conducted by the Washington based independent think tank, The PEW reveals that since 2005, the Chinese government has consistently enjoyed the world highest level of citizen satisfaction at above 80%, while most Western governments received a mere 30% or below. http://www.pewglobal.org/database/indicator/3/country/45/ At a time, when the Chinese government enjoys a rising people satisfaction from 82% in 2012 to 85% in 2013, the Washington Post published an article on June 4, 2014 under The Post’s View titled ‘Despite China’s economic growth, its people’s discontent can’t be stifled’. The National Interest also ran an article titled ‘Tiananmen: Could It Happen Again?’ with the same depressing tone again the popularity of the Chinese government.
While it was reported in 2004 by The Christian Science Monitor that the Human Rights Watch decided not to publish in 1989 their own 52-page eye witnesses’ report that confirmed the Chinese side of the story, the Human Rights Watch continues to release articles to my (subscriber) inbox 25 years later with titles to suggest a massacre at Tiananmen Square. This is the latest example: ‘Q&A: Witnessing The Aftermath of The Tiananmen Square Massacre”.
Ironically, while the work of historians, eye witnesses/protesters’ accounts, declassified CIA documents, WikiLeaks leaked embassy cables, a Spanish camera team and the Chinese TV footages showing student protesters were allowed to leave the Square before the army moved in that forced a number of western journalists to confess over the years that they have “misrepresented” the event, one would wonder why the lies of a “massacre” at Tiananmen Square could still be so openly propagated by the western media till this day.
The question is: The evidence is everywhere, why aren’t you aware of it?
A new book on Amazon titled ‘Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence’ documented a series of evidence ignored by the Western media, and explains in detail how the media could use selective images of tanks, soldiers, burning military vehicles, injured people and the sound effects of explosions and gunfire to demonised the Chinese government with their opinionated commentary about a massacre without having to even produce a single image of a dead person in some cases.  Here is just an example abstracts directly from page 76 to 79 of the 270 pages book: How BBC manufactured the perception of a “Massacre” without having to show their viewers a single shot of a dead person’. http://disinfo.com/2014/05/bbc-manufactured-perception-massacre-without-show-viewers-single-shot-dead-person/
The truth is that the so-called Tiananmen Square “Massacre” is one of the most misleading events the US government and the Western media have used to demonize the Chinese government each and every year since 1989. There was ample silent evidence in the images produced by the Western media that told the story of a highly restrained and caring Chinese government facing a protest similar to those in the West at various stages of their economic development. However, the West and anti-communist forces had capitalized on the situation in 1989 to fuel the public’s anger, intending to overthrow a good government. How the Western media lied about a massacre given the silent evidence that suggests otherwise, and the moral implications of Western powers making use of common pain and dissatisfaction within an economic cycle of a society to justify the overthrowing of governments across the globe are issues that this book is structured to explore.
The concept of good governance, human rights and freedom is a complex one. Incidents of government crackdowns on protesters are as frequent in the West as anywhere else. The only difference is that the West has a highly sophisticated, well-funded, well-established and well-controlled media industry run by a handful of big corporations with an agenda. Without their agenda-based support, victims of government oppression in the West will hardly ever be noticed by the wider Western community and the world.
To prove such a point, I have included in my analysis the history of protest management in the US and the creative techniques used by the US authorities against the Occupy Wall Street protesters.
One should always bear in mind that the concepts of good governance, human rights and freedom can only be objectively assessed through the power of comparison. The truth can only be found through filtering the indoctrinated messages propagated by the mainstream media. It is important for one to always think for themselves, and to observe the logic and images beyond the media rhetoric.
Few weeks before June 4, 2014, I posted my free ebook (PDF) offer to journalists in some journalists member discussions sites on LinkedIn such as Friends of ICFJ (The International Center for Journalists) with over 4,900 members and  Foreign affairs writer and broadcasters with over 2,000 members. However, there were apparently an effort to censor my free book offer to journalists. I received only a few emails for the free book, mainly from people who view my posting from my own LinkedIn home page. However, I received 3 hostile responses from editors. One of them is Jack Ronald (editor) who claimed that my book is a “propaganda” without even requesting a free copy to verify the information. When I challenged his “propaganda” statement, this is how he replied: “I was in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. I suggest you read The Peoples Republic of Amnesia. This conversation is over.” The other is Giulio Pecora (journalist), also claimed that my 270 pages book as “propaganda pamphlet”, without requesting for a free copy to verify the information. And lastly, Hope Loudon (editor) asking me to “tell the people who just opened the new museum in Hong Kong.”
Unfortunately, the Western propaganda machine is controlled by people who are not interested in the truth. From the contents of the 3 hostile responses from ICFJ, one could easily observe that these people aren’t interested in examining the sources of the following information I posted on the forum:
The confessions made by Western journalists are documented in a new book on Amazon titled ‘Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence’:
In 1998, Washington Post journalist Jay Mathews confessed in the Columbia Journalism Review that “no one died at Tiananmen Square” and that “it is hard to find a journalist who has not contributed to the misimpression” (including himself). In 2004 the Christian Science Monitor revealed that the Human Rights Watch decided not to publish their own 52-page report that confirmed the Chinese side of the story. In 2009, BBC journalist James Miles admitted that he had “conveyed the wrong impression.” CBS journalist Richard Roth also confessed in 2009 that after a “debriefed on-air by Dan Rather (London office)”, he made “an effort to avoid using the word “massacre”, and acknowledges that he did not “make a point trying to contradict a colleague on the air”.
Are you aware of the circumstances under which these journalists suddenly decided to admit their years of contribution to the “misimpression”? Are you aware that they then tried to change the story to a “Beijing Massacre” with the exception of Graham Earnshaw – a Reuters journalist? 
I would like to thank you Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for allowing me to post my free ebook offer on his personal blog. The truth can never be buried  by the well founded imperialist Western propaganda machine. For those who are interested to receive a free copy of my ebook (15.4MB PDF format), please email me at
wchua62@gmail.com and quote this offer code on the subject box ‘PCR Free Tiananmen book — offer ends 1 July, 2014’
Please remember to include this email: wchua62@gmail.com in your address book to prevent it from ending up in your junk box. I am working during the day, so please allow up to 3 days for a reply.
Wei Ling Chua
Accredited Australia News and Feature Services and International News Syndicate freelance journalist
Author of a series of books on the issue of media disinformation and how it is hurting the world and humanity
Blog: www.outcastjournalist.com
Email: wchua62@gmail.com  

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