Tiananmen Square After 25 Years — Brian Becker

Tiananmen Square After 25 Years — Brian Becker

The Tiananmen Square “massacre,” in which thousands of Chinese students were
alleged by Washington and the presstitute media to have been massacred, was entirely a fabrication of the US government and its Ministry of Propaganda.

No such massacre occurred, but the myth lives on.

Brian Becker, who was on the scene, provides an accurate account of what was an
effort by Washington to overthrow the Chinese government. China remains vulnerable, as is Russia. Both countries are filled with Washington-financed NGOs and “democracy
advocates” that serve as fifth columns dedicated to the overthrow of the governments.

The Russian and Chinese governments have been very careless by permitting these subversive agents to flourish and might yet pay a huge price for their carelessness, as Ukraine has paid.

Brian Becker’s report is here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/what-really-happened-in-tiananmen-square-25-years-ago/5385528

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