US Payments to Ukrainian Thugs Higher Than Previously Reported

US Payments to Ukrainian Thugs Higher Than Previously Reported

Washington and its German puppet state paid many people to protest in Kiev in order to serve as cover for the US coup that replaced an elected democratic government with Washington’s corrupt stooges.

According to Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Zarjow, the payments continue,
only now the money is paid to Maidan thugs who beat up politicians disapproved by
the Washington-supported neo-nazis.

On April 26 Oleg Zarjow spoke with RIA Novosti:

Here is an English language translation from the German:

Maidan bullies who browbeat and clobber different-minded citizens in Ukraine are paid on average 15,000 hryven (about 1,000 Euro) a month for their “work”, presidential candidate Oleg Zarjow said on Russian TV on Saturday.

“Radicals who beat and hurt me in Kiev and the offenders who attacked me in Odessa and Nikolajev are one and the same power. In all regions in eastern Ukraine protesters are being silenced by these right-wing goon squads. They are an armed wing of those in power and are used to fight the political opposition,” the candidate said.

For Ukraine, where factories are closed down 1,000 Euro are quite good money. Maidan leaders are “earning” up to 3,000 Euros.

Zarjov also said  that the Verkhovna Rada is trying now to erase him from the list of presidential candidates. As first measure the parliament wants to strip him of the representative’s immunity, Zarjov said. 23 candidates will be competing for the presidential election on May 25th this year.

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