Notice To Readers

Notice To Readers:

The press of your emails together with rapidly developing dangerous events, such as those that Washington is creating in Ukraine and Venezuela, have forced me off my policy of personally responding to each PayPal donation. (We do not have addresses for those who donate directly to the bank account.)

The backlog in emails is now very large. In addition, for unknown reasons many emails did not arrive when sent and suddenly hundreds appeared. If you did not receive a reply to requests for interviews and repostings of columns, your request is buried in a large number of unread emails that suddenly appeared. Where they have been all this time has not been explained.

The number of readers of the site has grown enormously, and the columns are translated and posted in many languages, with a corresponding high volume of email. I appreciate hearing from readers, and I intend to try to read all emails, but responding has become impossible.

With the pressure of events in Ukraine and the threat of war with Russia that Washington continues to trumpet, with Washington’s attack on Venezuela’s currency and orchestrated protests in Venezuela like Washington used in Ukraine, with Washington’s likely repeat of its attack on Venezuela in Ecuador, Bolivia, and even Brazil, with the enormous amount of disinformation issuing from Washington and its presstitutes and financial media whores, I cannot at this time reply to your emails.

I appreciate your interest to bring information to my attention, but keep in mind that I am only one person. A number of readers send to me individually such extensive lists of videos to watch and articles to read that were I to absorb the information from even one of these emails I would not have time to write a column.

This site serves for me to share with you the experience, knowledge, and analytical ability that comes from a lifetime of being involved in major events of our time.

That is all that I can do for you.

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