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Guest Column by Israel Shamir: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Guest Column by Israel Shamir: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Israel Shamir is an Israeli journalist reporting from Russia. You can read his reporting and analysis of the situation in Ukraine here: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/03/07/the-ukrainian-pendulum/print [1]

The coup government in Ukraine is a curious mixture of nazi thugs and Jewish billionaire oligarchs. The gullible Ukrainian dupes who took to the streets in protests against their elected government set Ukraine up for looting and dismemberment.

The Ukrainian crisis might be only beginning. If the thugs and oligarchs use violence against the Russian cities of eastern Ukraine, Putin could be forced to intervene. As both Washington and its NATO puppets have shown nothing but reckless disregard of Ukrainian self-determination and Russian strategic interests, a very dangerous war could be in the making.

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