Guest Column — Fukushima Facts — by Takashi Hirose

Guest Column — Fukushima Facts — by Takashi Hirose

Readers have asked that I write about Fukushima.

About all I can tell you with confidence is that we are getting no more truth about Fukushima from the presstitute media than we are about any other subject.

As I understand it, which I hope is incorrectly, Fukushima has the prospect, if the wrong events occur, of essentially eliminating Japan as a country.

Why Japan, the only country to suffer attack by nuclear weapons, made the decision to rely on nuclear plants for its electricity is a mystery. Perhaps the Japanese government was pressured by Washington to accept US nuclear energy technology as a form of tribute payment.

Whether or not Japan under Washington’s thumb was a coerced market for Westinghouse, Fukushima is sending radiation into the Pacific Ocean and, apparently, into the groundwater that supplies Tokyo.

if the fuel rods that must be removed from a damaged building ignite, calamity will result.

Nuclear energy plants are now sprinkled all over the developed world. Each and every one is subject to accident. An accident, and sustainable life ends for that area of the world.

Consider how was it possible for the Japanese, an intelligent people, to locate the Fukushima nuclear energy plants in a tsunami coastal area. This decision shows a lack of any thought whatsoever. Elsewhere nuclear energy plants are located on earthquake faults. Ongoing climate change subjects others to forest fires.

Have humans greedy for cheap energy destroyed the world?

Nuclear energy is said to be “clean.” But, of course, radiation is not clean, and its death dealing power lasts a very long time. Will the human greed for the moment at the expense of the future exterminate all life on earth?

No one in the western orbit should expect any answer from the bought-and-paid-for-government.

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