My 60 Minute Interview with Paul Craig Roberts Sept 2012 ~ The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

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Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, columnist at Business Week and Scripps Howard, professor at Stanford and Georgetown, advisor to major financial firms, author of 11 books.

Economies on the Abyss– the Failure of Globalism, the failure of Laisse Faire Capitalism and the erosion of the West.

What’s your take of how 911 has affected us?

How does your new book tie in with what you’re saying about our economic state?

accounting for big picture ecological costs– that’s like socialism (said half tongue in cheek)

Is there any nation that is dealing with these big-picture ecological costs?

The Failure of Globalism– what’s that about?

DE- Industrialize– that’s a word I haven’t heard used before. That’s what’s bringing us down to third world status.

You’re not very hopeful. I think that bottom up forces are also at work, that can bring some hope.

What’s your take?

Do you think that the syndicates that carried your writing before would carry what you currently write?

Can you give a plug for

What’s your take on the presidential election– primary candidates, conventions, third party candidates, claims”

Do you still consider yourself a Republican?

What about the tea party, how it was formed, funded, and it’s role in the Republican party and conservatism?

Do you consider Hillary to be a neocon?

You talk about the history of Rome and how it became a dictatorship. Do you see that happening here, or has it happened here already?

I think that Obama and many of the Democrats are to the right of Reagan and certainly Eisenhower. What do you think?

It’s almost like they say “we’re going to do ‘this’ to give you more freedom””

So, Paul, what gives you hope, some hope?

To get action, to get us out of the boiling frog syndrome that we’re suffering, someone in power has to make a mistake, like they did in Argentina, shutting down the banks.

What about Iran? Is a nuclear Iran a threat? Will Iran attack Israel?

What’s your take on Syria?

Destabilizing Syria, Libya, Iraq” keeps them from Getting in our way, keeping us from doing what?

We have to wrap this up. Anything you want to finish up with?

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