Unz Research Reward (informational bulletin)

Dear Readers:

This is an informational bulletin, not a new column.

For readers with research skills and for those who would like to develop such skills and/or explore new historical data now made available for the first time on the Internet, Ron Unz, an entrepreneur who is on his way to becoming a public intellectual, is offering a $10,000 First Prize for the best research based on the source materials he has provided. Here is his announcement:

As some of you already know, I recently released a content-archiving website, www.unz.org, which had absorbed most of my time and effort over the last few years.

The website makes freely available a vast quantity of high-quality content material, including the archives of numerous important publications published during the first half of the 20th Century and earlier. Most of this important source material—millions of pages—has never previously been available to anyone except on the dusty shelves of major research libraries.
The Wilson Quarterly recently ran a brief description of the project entitled The Periodical Table.

As a means of publicizing this new website and the research value of the unique content material which it contains, I am announcing The Unz Historical Research Competition, offering a $10,000 First Prize for the most interesting and important historical research project derived from the website source materials. The competition begins [May 1], lasts until August 31, 2012, and is open to students, academics, independent scholars, or other interested individuals, both in the United States and around the world.

The exact details of the competition may be found on the Unz Competition website, which includes a partial listing of the periodical archives.

This is an opportunity, especially for the underemployed and unemployed. The prestige of such a prize would certainly enhance one’s career prospects.

Readers continuously ask me, “what can I do.” My answer is that our country and the Constitution that protects us need our protection from the government and the powerful private interests that are destroying America. America needs many voices and many engaged patriots, not on the battlefield for the profits of the military/security complex, but on the battlefield for the Constitution and the truth and liberty that it supports.

Ron Unz, like myself, wants you to become engaged in the fight. If millions of you do not become engaged, liberty and truth are lost.

Ron Unz is offering you a chance at ten thousand dollars and recognition as a prize-winner. Become engaged.

Go for it.

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