They Thought They Were Free

THOSE WHO REFUSE TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE FORCED TO REPEAT IT Americans become incensed when comparisons are made between recent developments in the US and Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, the description below first published in 1955 of Germany’s descent into a police state could just as well be a description of what has happened in the US since September 11,…

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Ignorance Is Bliss

Psychological studies confirm Frantz Fanon’s analysis of cognitive dissonance and Morpheus’ explanation to Neo of why people prefer to live in a false reality. But don’t become discouraged. Remember, all change comes from a few determined people. The following is a report from the American Psychological Association. November 21, 2011 Ignorance Is Bliss When it Comes to Challenging Social Issues…

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How Liberty Was Lost

When did things begin going wrong in America? “From the beginning,” answer some. English colonists, themselves under the thumb of a king, exterminated American Indians and stole their lands, as did late 18th and 19th century Americans. Over the course of three centuries the native inhabitants of America were dispossessed, just as Israelis have been driving Palestinians off their lands…

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