Federal Lunacy: Obama’s Endless Wars for Profit with Paul Craig Roberts 1/2

The US is famous for going to other countries with goals ranging from retaliation to installing democracy to stopping a civil war. And quite often the US government and the military alike are surprised at what they find: that people in those countries don’t want them there and, in many cases, will risk or sacrifice their lives to make sure they leave. We’re seeing a new low point in America’s longest war, unfolding as we speak – riots in Afghanistan, as citizens there protest the burning of Korans by US military personnel at Bagram airbase. Some American soldiers have been killed and many more Afghan citizens are dying as well. And there’s beginning to be a sense that the battle to win the hearts and minds there is simply impossible. Paul Craig Roberts, former official with the Reagan administration, speaks to Aaron Dykes about what happens if things don’t change dramatically. www.paulcraigroberts.org www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv twitter.com

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