G20 Wrap-up, Iran War Build-up – Sunday Update

www.corbettreport.com Sunday Update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast. SOURCES On the eve of the G20 Summit, the Globe tells Canadians that police are gods ur1.ca G20 Five-metre fence rule never existed ur1.ca Footage of police abandoning decoy cars ur1.ca Footage of black-hooded “anarchist” running past police line ur1.ca Dan Dicks on The Corbett Report ur1.ca G20 Protestors Threatened with Rape ur1.ca Charlie Veitch arrested for impersonating a police officer ur1.ca Medieval enthusiast arrested for toy weapons ur1.ca Israel suspected in forged iran nuclear trigger documents ur1.ca CIA affirms Iran has no nuclear weapon program ur1.ca CIA reaffirms that there is no proof of an Iran nuclear weapon program ur1.ca CIA Director Panetta fearmongers over Iran on ABC News ur1.ca Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report ur1.ca

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